Also, our extensive international business and marketing expertise means we work very closely with athletes to build up a solid, suitable and market-wise image. Then, we promote it at industrial levels for sponsorship purposes.

Our structure which is made up of social-media managers, press officers, photographers and video makers, art directors and copywriters, is in place to provide total support when it comes to image management.

Our network of global web agencies enables us to provide social-media management services that are customized to the various different cultures in the USA, Europe, China, India and the UAE.

Our founder's long-standing expertise in sports means we fully understand the needs of athletes and their teams.

Our network of law firms is there to safeguard the legal and fiscal issues of our clients in Europe, the USA, the UAE, China, Australia, South America and Japan.

We have an established list of high-profile global, industrial contacts to whom to offer our athletic partnerships.